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Zabala SRC 20ga. What's it worth?

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Been looking at getting myself a double barrel shotgun and stumbled across this one on Craigslist. Anyone know what this gun is worth? It's one of those "make an offer" deals and I have no idea what this is worth and Google has been no help. Has a 28" barrel.

The guy says it's in great shape, but I forget what year it was made in.

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man, I wanna say that's what EAA imports...they're not very expensive guns.

retail new right around 400.

Shoot an offer of 200 at him and see what happens.

whoops, apparently the 400 is what a few went for used in good shape.

eh, try 200 anyway!

EDIT: apparently I'm way off. It's a Spanish Company that's been imported since at least the 70's. Apparently for the money they're suppose to be quite nice.
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Thanks for the info.

Ended up passing on this one. If you'd told me it was worth $50 I'd have jumped on it, but if I'm gonna spend $200 on a shotgun I'd get a Maverick 88 or save up a bit more for a 500 or 870.
it's worth more than 50.

Doubles are a lot of fun though!
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