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Your thoughts on the CZ Redhead Deluxe

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I'm considering buying a 12g CZ Redhead Deluxe with 28" barrel. Anyone have any thoughts on this gun? Very appreciated.
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Nice gun especially for the price point.

I have a Huglu 103 DE like you are looking at for sale if it helps any.
That's what I use, love it. I had an adjustable comb cut into the stock and added a center bead, perfect.

Just wish I knew which skeet choke worked in it. :banghead:

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I've been smoking them thrown from an Aerial Assault using the IC (which actually gauges to be a skeet 2) in the bottom and M in the top.
Thanks for that, I wasn't aware that the IC was the same as the Skeet 2.
i was taught it goes.....

cyl, skt1, skt2, ic, mod, Lmod, IM, full, xfull.
While that is probably true in Briley or Tru choke, dropping a Walker gauge in the choke that came with the Huglu, it reads Skeet 2. I will try a caliper in it tomorrow.
I shoot a 12 Ga Redhead O/V Target with Bailey Chokes, B&P Comp 1 #8, 1 Oz shells. I also shoot a 12 Ga S/S Ringneck Target with Muller Chokes, also B&P Comp 1 #8 1Oz. Both guns perform very well.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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