WTS MEC 600 Jr. 12 gauge Shotshell Reloader w/ hulls and wads.

WTS MEC 600 Jr. 12 gauge Shotshell Reloader w/ hulls and wads.

I am selling my MEC 600 Jr. reloader for 12 Gauge.

This is unit an older unit.
I had it up and running, making Slug rounds.
I have it set up for Winchester Double AA hulls and Claybuster wads with no issues.

The reloader is a little dusty and needs some cleaning. I just treated all the metal and mechanical parts with lubricant. To loosen up all the grime and make sure it is all within specs.

To make sure there are no issues. I just ran 50 rounds of 1oz slugs and 50 #8 shot before soaking the unit in lubricant with no issue. I will clean and run a few rounds after I clean up all the cleaner/lubricant to make sure everything is within specs.

Prior to this, it has been unused for a few years. I have a Progressive MEC at my dad's shop where I reload. I am doing spring cleaning and I am selling all my spare reloaders. I was holding on to this just in case my progressive MEC had issues.

This unit is complete and clean. This would be plug-and-play. I can even run it in front of the buyer.

The unit will come with 2 drop tubes (short and long) I have the long one installed.
2 charge bars one takes bushings and the other does not. I have the one that does not have bushings installed.
There are no bushings included. I had a separate station for powder charge.
There are no bottles included

I will also provide the buyer with a large box of Hulls and Wads. I did not count, but there should be at least 500 wads of different manufacture and a fair mix of hulls.

I am asking $125

What you see is what you get.
I am open to best offers.
Free delivery is possible if you are in between Vallejo and San Mateo. Once a week I am in Milpitas.
I can meet you during my daily commute.
Located in Vallejo CA 94589
If you are reading this ad, the item is still available.