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I'm hoping to find the closest thing to a factory barrel as possible for my father's 30 yr. old Win. 12 ga. Model 1200. Unfortunately, the original 28" barrel was damaged over the weekend.

Amazingly, the choke literally exploded inside the original barrel after my younger brother, for some unknown reason, managed to unknowingly shoot several 3" shells out of a shotgun designed for a maximum 2 3/4" shell. Luckily no one got hurt and only the last few inches of the inside of the barrel were damaged, including the threads the chokes screw in to.

I took it to a gunsmith who suggested either cutting it down a few inches and having it re-threaded, or making it into a "18.5" sawwed-off smooth bore "scatter gun" ....which in my opinion would be awesome and perfect for home defense. Unfortunately, it's not my shotgun and I know my dad would prefer it with a 28" barrel.

So if anyone is interested, the barrel is for sale. The first reasonable offer and it's yours.

Finally getting to the point of this post; I was hoping someone might know where I could find a Model 1200 12 ga. 28" OEM caliber replacement barrel. I have found several 1200 barrels available online from various websites but am concerned about both quality and immediate availability. I would really appreciate a recommendation if anyone knows of a good source

Also, if anyone is interested in the barrel send me a message or email and I will send you some pictures of the barrel that are on my phone. I will add pics to this post when I get home tonight.
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