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Winchester Super X Pump Barrels?

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Hey guys,
I'm looking into buying a Winchester Super X Pump gun for an all around gun for myself. I plan to use it for home defense and deer and bird hunting.

Here's my question:
Where can I find the 22 inch deer slug barrel to purchase by itself only? I can't find it on the Winchester site or anywhere else. I can find the other barrels but not the rifled slug barrel.

If I cannot buy the slug barrel at a later time, I may want to buy it with the gun when I buy the gun. I'd like to buy the combo with the vent shot barrel and the 18" defender barrel, and then buy the rifled slug barrel at a later date. The cost of the combo is $449.

But if I can't buy the slug barrel, I can buy just the deer version of the gun for $479 and buy the other shot barrel at a later date. But I think for now the combo suits my uses better, which is why I'm searching for the deer barrel.

The rifled deer barrel is pretty slick with the tru-glo sights. I just can't find it out there anywhere. Any ideas where to look?

Also, does anyone know if any of the SX3 or SX2 barrels are compatible?
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