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Winchester model 24 issues

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Hello shotgun forums I have a model 24 and I have replaced the cocking slide. the problem I am having is when you open the breach the action opens up enough for the cocking slide to go past the cocking arms and the right firing pin does not lock back against the sear. but when I take the stock off the shotgun works fine?:confused: any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks rwilli
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from another website..........

my thoughts on the problem at hand are: possibly the stock is tight against the new cocking slide and holds the sear from falling into locking position. . What I like to do is take one of those heavy carpenter pencils, we use at the building site, and rub it on the metal parts. . Smoke from a candle works good as well. . Re-assemble and put it through it's cycles then pull off the stock and see if the metal parts have left evidence of pencil lead. . if it has, just relieve enough for clearance. (mr. rod)
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