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Winchester 1400 MKII Shotty worth?

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I recently received a Winchester 1400 MKII shotgun from my grandfather, I was wondering what it was worth cause it looks like its an oldie, a tiny spot of rust on the barrel but it looks like its in pretty good condition.


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looks like a field grade with rib. swag at it....200-225.00.
Agree - about 200 bucks if that rust is only in one small spot. The Mk II's were not bad guns - just keep em clean and oiled and they will run fine. Weak point is the very thin plastic follower - don't attempt to force a shell in past the magazine capacity. The gun only holds three 2-3/4" rounds, one chambered, two in the magazine. There is no plug and the magazine tube cannot be expanded. The Mark II Model 1400 replaced the 1400 model (called 'Mk I' but it never had that roll mark) in 1968 and was discontinued in 1973 - so your gun is somewhere between '68 and '73 if this is a "mark II" 1400. There were 'model 1400s' made again in 1989 - but not the same as these early "mark IIs". Parts are getting a little harder to find. It is a shooter - go find some birds...
dead giveaway to mk1 and mk2 is the 2 had a bolt release button on bottom. mk1 you had to use the lip of your shell to release it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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