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hello everyone. I own a Winchester 101 Winchoke.
I am surching for winchoke tubes series one.
these are the ones with only 2 holes for exchange.
I'd like to have 1 skeet /one imp.cyl. and one modified.
Is there anyone who can help me with this ??
Have been surching in Holland and Belgium for a long time now, without results Offcourse I"ll be prepaired to pay upfront.
I live in Holland/ the Netherlands.
See them now and then on Ebay, but if I ask them to send it to the Netherlands they won't.Dont get this. thought if you put it in an envelope and send it wouldn't be any problem.
hope there is someone in the US who can help me out
Hopefully Cris.
P.S> You can also mail me on [email protected]

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You might try emailing Briley in Houston. IIRC, they have a European operation or they might be able to export to you.
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