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Which stock? SpecOps VS. SpecOps RNS

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I am about to purchase a stock for my Maverick 88 20" 8-shot Security...I know alot of people really like the SpecOps but the Non Recoil Reducing stock is half of the price of the original...Is it really worth having the recoil reduction system? I am 5'10" 205 LBS but this is my first shotgun and I have not shot it yet. I have had my handgun for a long time but finally decided to get a shotgun for HD.

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I'm the exact same size as you Gorky. 5'10" 205 lbs. I really liked my KNOXX with recoil reduction. To me it was worth it for sure. I even added a Limbsaver to it just see what would happen. It's like shooting with a pillow on your shoulder.
Is the recoil bad without the recoil supression? Or is it just bad if you shoot alot? I know my .40 SC is a little snappy but I don't mind it at all...
I wouldn't say bad. But you definately feel it more. If you go out and shoot buckshot for an hour to 2 hours you may be sore the next day. With the KNOXX recoil system it also reduces muzzle rise so you can get back on target quicker. Unless you are a ****** and are trained to control recoil with a regular stock. Some guys like them some don't. But if you want a collapsible stock you might as well just get the better one. Just my opinion.

Why don't you shoot it with the current stock on it and go from there?
SpecOps is the way to go. It lets you shoot all day and takes most of the shock out of high power stuff. I have one on my Mossberg 590 and love it.
I..Is it really worth having the recoil reduction system?

At least in my opinion. The recoil reduction makes firing full power slugs and buck pleasant.
Thanks for the replies, guys. Very helpful
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