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Which Inertia Driven Shotgun?

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Hi everybody. Recently, I have been looking at a very wide variety of semi shotguns and was thinking about narrowing my search down to two specific guns I like and want to look at. I'll pick one gas and on will be ID. For gas I have chosen an 1100/1187. I am still undecided about ID though. I have been looking a lot at the Franchi Affinity. Is this a good gun? Are they reliable? Also, what are your suggestions for an ID shotgun? I am looking or $1000 or under and plan to use this gun for clays and waterfowl.
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Have no idea. I've never looked at technology as a point to consider. I consider pointability, reliability, ease of cleaning, ability to handle a variety of loads, interchangeable barrels, and, yes, even looks.
i.d. has been around since 1900. benelli has perfected it. many others followed franchi.
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