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what should ask for this..(selln shotgun at local gun show)

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new maverick 88 12g
duracoated FDE
comes with all the silly tactical stuff on it.
rail/red dot/tac light n grip with pressure switch in it
and a .50cal ammo can full of slugs n other shells and a shoulder bandoleer of ammo.
would like to sell it for xtra $.
what should i ask for it?
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Ok...take what you have put into it money wise...and ask for that + 10%

If someone buys it PROFIT ;)
NIB they sell for less than $200 around here.
^with all that stuff and ammo and duracoated? :/
NIB means new in box, so no without all the stuff and ammo and duracoat. However, not everyone is going to want all that "stuff". Personally, the grip is one I would never use, more so for a pump shotgun. Also a red dot on a non stocked firearm is also not my bag of candy, but thats just me. What do you have invested into it? Try like Awpuck said and ask for 10% then drop it as the time goes on until you get a buyer AND are happy with their amount. With my preference of firearms, I wouldnt pay even $200 for it.

However that is a nice little back scratcher you have on the end of the barrel.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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