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What shotgun do you prefer?

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I was thinking of getting a shotgun but I'm stuck on what to get. Plus, I've only shot one shotgun, a 12 gage one shot break down. If you had to choose a shotgun for home protection/target shooting which one would you choose?
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Mossberg 500 with youth stock and wood furniture...18" barrel 5 shot mag tube.

A 20" 870 would make a close second however the mossy is so much shorter and lighter.
Mossberg 500 persuader or cruiser. 18.5" model preferred obviously. One with a folding stock is a really nice option. You definitely want a flashlight mount of some kind (rather a $300 or a $25, doesn't matter as long as it's bright). LED CREE is the best as you just can't break it, there is no "bulb"

However, if it's just your HD weapon that sits in the corner waiting for action, there is nothing wrong with a heavier Remington 870. I have a Remington 870 w/ Knoxx stock and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I wouldn't want to lug it all over the country, but it's perfect for those 'bump in the night' nights, rattle snake in the back yard moments.

It's kind of overkill for Home Defense, and I doubt I'll ever need the 18 rounds that it carries or the $250 glass/mount on top, but it's a one of a kind. Custom built by me, for me. even did the color job:

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A couple of months ago I went through the same process. I intended to get a Remington 870. After handling several different models I settled on the Mossberg 590a1 18.5" barrel 6 shot version. I absolute love it! It just felt so much better than the Remington and I thought I really wanted the 870.

The 18.5" barrel is better for HD use than the longer 20". And those 2"s add a bit more weight.

The Mossy shoots like a dream. It is a blast (no pun intended) to take to the range.
I own both, a 20 inch 500 persuader and an an 18.5 870, I prefer the 870 over the mossberg, really no particular reason other then I like the park finish on the 870 over the blueing on the 500. The 500 vs 870 is like Ford vs Chevy, Bud vs Miller, Coke vs Pepsi, it really comes down to personal preference as they each would make an excellent choice in an all purpose HD shotgun.
I actually have two 12 gauge shotguns which are both suited for home defense. I have a Benelli Super Nova Tactical and Remington 870 Express both in 12 gauge. I bought the Benelli because I wanted a shotgun that is impervious to adverse weather conditions for when I go camping and hiking. Another thing I like about the Benelli Super Nova is that its lighter to carry and has ghost ring sights that work great when using slugs. I didn't feel like spending 80-200 bucks on a set of new sights for my 870 and having the receiver drilled. The best thing of all is I can shoot 3.5" shells through it and my 870 will only accept up to 3 inch shells. I doubt I will ever shoot 3.5" shells but the option is there if I change my mind. The Benelli Super Nova offers alot of gun for the price.

I still love the tried and true Remington 870 and will never part with mine!
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For a pump, it is hard to go wrong with the Mossberg 500 and 590 series shotguns. For a semi-auto, I love my Mossberg 930SPX.
This is like comparing a 9mm to a .40.
Get what works best for you. I have owned a mossberg in the past and I sold it. I dont like tang safeties and I think the Remington is a better made gun. Thats MY opinion and I own 3 Remington shotty's.
I have a Remington 870express with 28in barrel a H&R Pardner Protector (870clone) with 18in barrel and mossy 835ulti-mag I like the mossberg design alittle better I have beat the hell out of the mossy and it wont die

but either way you cant go wrong with a mossy or a Rem
I was thinking of getting a shotgun but I'm stuck on what to get. Plus, I've only shot one shotgun, a 12 gage one shot break down. If you had to choose a shotgun for home protection/target shooting which one would you choose?
Remington 870 is the Gold Standard. For autos get Benelli M4, M2 or M1. The Benelli Nova is not a bad pump. I have Mossberg.

14 inch 870 for work

M4 for three gun and work occasionally.

870 truck gun. Beater.

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What do you all think of the Ithaca 87 Riot? I have an opporutnity to pick one up, and it is really tempting?
remington 870 for skeet just because the gun is awesome have thousands of rounds through mine without a single problem and it just points so well love that gun would never part with it as far as home defense the mossberg 500 tactical is awesome especially for the money you cant beat $450 for telescopic stock shell holder muzzlebreak the whole nine gun just looks so nice and mossberg makes a dependable shotgun guess it's just personal prefrence
I shoot a Mossberg 500A1 with a 18.5 barrel and the factory American Walnut stocks.

you won't go wrong with a Mossberg, Winchester, Remington, Benelli or SAIGA
i have a mossberg 590a1 with a 14" barrel and it is SWEET. very well built gun and i have never had a problem at all with it.
Saiga...but I have no 'dual role' guns. One of these is what you'll face if you intrude...
yes its legal...

^^ not a shotgun, this is an exhaust set up I'm making for one of my bikes...:mrgreen::twisted:
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Mossberg 590 for me. I like the ambidextrous safety and the fact that it has a full 8 round magazine tube standard.
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