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What range should I zero my scope?

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Hey all, not too sure what to do here. This deer season I'm trying something different. I picked up a fully rifled cantilever barrel and Bushnell Banner dusk to dawn scope for my Rem 870 Shurshot. I'm going to use the Hornady SST 12ga sabot slugs. I used my cousins last year, instead of my typical foster slugs, and fell in love.

Anyway...I zeroed the scope in at about 50 yards, just playing around, and got it hitting dead center on my target. Now, after some other reading recently, I found out I'm wrong in this practice. Presumably, these slugs have an effective range of 200yds.

Question 1: what yardage should I zero for? 75 or 100? I'm thinking 100, but I want some recommendations.

I read that when zeroing a scope, I shouldn't set zero at dead center of the target, but, actually a little high, so no matter what distance my target (deer) is at, be it 50 yards, or 200 yards, I will still hit within the 9" kill zone. This brings me to,

Question 2: at whatever your recommended "zero" range is, how high above dead center should I zero my scope to hit within the 9" kill zone at a range of 50-200 yards?

Again, this is using Hornady 12ga SST sabot slugs, fully rifled barrel, Remington 870.

Thank you, hope I didn't confuse the s$#t out of everyone, I could really use some suggestions here.

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I zero'd @ 100 yds.

I have a very similar setup to yours, and shoot winchester slugs. The hornadys are very similar in performance, only hit about an inch off when from the winchesters when I tried them. I just zero'd the scope to 100 yds, and if something is getting close to 200yds, I just aim a bit high. I hit a CD @ about 200 yds with mine, just aimed about 6"-8" high. Never taken a shot at a deer over 100 yds, not much opportunity for that on my property. From the little testing I did, you really don't have to aim high until after 125 yds, then it's just kentucky windage. Take a couple long range shots, and see where your slugs go.
I zero my 20 ga at a 100 yards using the rifled cant and the hornaday sst's. Works good close up and at ranges most shotguns aren't great at. I took a doe at 150 last year, and it hit a double lung shot. Doe ran about 20 yards and dropped. The exit wound on the damn thing was huge. That was the first year i spent that kind of money on slugs for hunting, i am a believer now and will shoot nothing but.
I always zero a shotgun at 50yds, but I don't usually get a shot beyond 75yds around here either.
The question is--at what range can you accurately place the rounds, in a typical hunting shooting position?

Just because the slugs are accurate at 200 yards doesn't mean anything if you can't place them...
Yeah those rounds can be quite accurate, but if you have never shot the gun at 200 yds, I wouldn't count on shooting at a deer @ that distance.

I've been hunting with a similar setup on my mossberg 835 since 1996 (rifled cantilever barrel with 1.5-5x scope). I sight it in about 2" high @ 50 yds. I can't remember taking a shot over 80 yds.
150 yards is about the longest shot I'll actually take, and yes, I'm capable of it,but, really, I'm just looking to get my scope zeroed so I could take a shot from 50-200 yards. But let's just drop it to 50-150 yards. Should I zero about 1.5" high at about 75 yards? Would that be my best bet? My goal is to not have to worry much about aiming high or low depending on yardage, and just aim about center and hit within the kill zone.

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For me... I'm not likely to take a 200 yard shot (and if I do it'll be likely with my rifle and not my shotgun because I want a clean kill and don't want to ruin the meat). Likewise, I also rarely get shots over 100 yards because of the thick underbrush in PA woods.

That being said, I think if you are often presented with shots over 100 yards then you're better sighting it in at 100 yards or maybe 150 as Hornady suggests.

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I don't know what you're height over bore is, but it looks like a 150 yard zero is the best bet if you plan to take shots up to 200 yards.
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