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What is a good shotgun to purchase

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I have recently been looking into purchasing a shotgun to do occasional water fowl hunting and what not. I was wondering what the best brand of shotgun would be that would not put a huge dent in my wallet. I have been looking at some brownings as well as mossberg. Should i be looking at a certain model? Any other brands and models? Any input would be appreciated!
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Check Mossberg 500 and Remington 870
got 870 rem,590 and 500 mossberg all work good and good price
Check Mossberg 500 and Remington 870
+1 vote for either. Nearby state run range gives loaners of 870s with paid traps or skeets - always good. I bought the 500 in 12 gauge because favored the location of safety and because got a great deal on a two barrel combo at Big Five last year (short and long barrel). Nothing fancy but always goes boom.
Check Mossberg 500 and Remington 870
I would go with either one...I love my Rem 870...:)
Another 'either' vote here, I've got the 870 myself - great gun.
Another 'either' vote here, I've got the 870 myself - great gun.
I'm interested in getting a shotgun too and have been researching on the Saiga-12 with the modified pistol grip.

Not sure if it's the price range you're looking at though and/or if it's even legal :).., but it's the only one I've seen that does not look like a shotgun and more of an AK.

Happy hunting!
What everyone else has said. Spare parts/ add-ons for either one are readily available most everywhere.
i Vote for the Mossberg or Remington 870.
I picked up my Mossberg really cheap at a gun show, the Remington was just a little more that day.
Either Mossberg 500 or Rem 870. It's all about what feels good to you.

I'm actually looking at getting a Rem 887 and see how that does, but i'm hearing some bad juju on shooting 3" shells and has failures to extract.
Thanks all...looks like I will direct my focus to the 500 or the 870. I have heard the same about these models, good overall guns and good price. Thanks again!
I'm selling a 26" barrel Benelli Nova which has a 3.5" magnum chamber, in case you wanted a little more power behind those long waterfowl shots. Interested?
Check Mossberg 500 and Remington 870
good suggestions.
If your a righty, I would give the maverick 88 a close look since its really close to the Mossberg 500, but with a cross bolt safety in front of the trigger instead of the tang safety. All parts for the mossberg are compatible with the maverick, except you may have to change the fore arm tube to use aftermarket fore arms. Mossberg is notorious for putting odd fore arms on their maverick line.
Personally, I prefer this safety location over the behind the trigger location on the 870. I index on the safety, I can push it off and come back to the trigger and squeeze in one motion, instead of back and forth.
Any shotgun collection starts with the 870.

I have both the 870 and the 500, and the fit, finish, and smoothness of the 870 is much better.... and the 500 is no scrub.
If you want to switch barrels I would stick with the standard mosberg 500(or Maverick) and the 870. In fact the Mossberg does come with a version that has a hunting barrel with changable choke tubes and a 18.5 cylynder choke barrel. The 870 may also come that way as well. You don't have as many barrel choises with the Mossbergs that have the longer magazine tubes.
In fact the Mossberg does come with a version that has a hunting barrel with changable choke tubes and a 18.5 cylynder choke barrel.
Mossberg Model 500 "3 In 1" Home Def, Hunting, Cruiser -
Like what everyone else has been saying, Mossberg 500 series or Remington 870 series. Go to a local shop and handle both and you will most likely like one better than the other then get it. You won't be disappointed with either.

BTW I have a Mossberg 590sp and love it.
Both the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 are great options, but don't forget the Remington 1100. I have one and it has been my faithful field companion for a decade now. Three generations of hunters in my family have carried them afield. It has always been reliable and i've successfully hunted squirrel, deer, and literally everything in between with it. You can also get them gently used for a pretty good price. I highly recommend it.
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