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what a surprise

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i shoot pumps better than semi autos.
many people have a specific gun to shoot skeet with and hate to deviate.
i on the other hand have numerous and try to keep up my skill with all of them.
come to find out, i shoot my pumps better than the semis i owned. found this out last sat. at the range.
how many of you could switch guns and do as good or better as far as scores are concerned?
i'd venture to bet not many nssa or ata shooters can!
so, rather than getting stuffed up in the top of the bottle choked up with 100,000 other great shooters all patting themselves on the back, ive broken off and am trying to establish a new game.
100 straight with 4 different guns in each gauge! after every 25 shots, switch guns.
and it looks like model 12 winchesters are winning!:D
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That's a good idea. I like the model 12, if I knew then what I know now I would still have one.
get another one!
Go for it, Bob!
I only own 2 shotguns, The trusty R870 20 gauge pump and my new Stoeger Condor Competition Combo.The 870 is light and a delight to maneuver, The Stoeger O/U barrels are much heavier and requires more muscle to move around. It took me three practice sessions to get the hang of the Stoeger, and two session to transition back to the lighter 870. I had to learn to muscle the Storger's heavy barrels, and conversely slow down when transitioning back to the lighter 870.
Pump vs the auto shot-gun or O/U. No doubt about it, the pump is at a disadvantage. Especially on the five-stand with true pairs. The auto crowd finally announced that they were no longer going to give me the advantage of report pairs in lieu of trues. Bad mistake for them. In one round of clays I figured out how to make this lady pump. Crank on recoil. Every shotgun recoils and if you can crank smoothly in recoil you can keep up with "big-boys" with a wimpy 20 gauge pump. After a couple of sessions with the Stoeger, I became more appreciative of the pump and its inherent training value of learning how to crank fast with the true pair. Added bonus is the respect accorded by my fellow shooters for keeping up with the auto's and O/U's in difficult situations. When the Stoeger comes back from stock refinishing I will transition back to the Stoeger because of the ease and hitting power of the 12 gauge O/U over the 20 gauge R870.
Undoubtedly in a year or two I will pick up another 12 gauge pump. Probably an older R870, I like the weight, wood and action of the older models.
The best I can describe my love for a pump shotgun, is the shooter is actively in the shooting loop, operating the S/G mechanically through the entire cycle. You don't get that same connection with an O/U or auto.
Thanks Bob for the thread to allow me to expand on my love of the pump.
And I 'm not talking about masturbation.
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