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Welcome to the site! Please post an introduction thread.

2954 Views 13 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  bobski is a friendly community dedicated to Shotgun Owners and Enthusiast.

Our goal is to be the place to go to when you have Shotgun questions, problems or would just like to discuss it in general.

To keep the place friendly, we ask that every new member post up an introduction thread letting us know a little bit about themselves, their current (and future) firearms.

Please help us keep this site friendly and informative! Thanks in advance.
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Hello everyone Paulshooter here I am a skeet and Trap shooter I have a 870 wingmaster and a browning 725 sporting shotguns I am from Pensacola Fl.
Hello all, I am Karl from Port Huron, in Michigan's Thumb. I am a possessed Pheasant Hunter, but chase other upland birds as well, as free time allows. I used to be strictly a "pumper" but in the last few years I have grown partial to O/U's. My arsenal includes an 870 20ga. Express Mag, 870 12ga. Wingmaster Mag, Browning Sweet 16, Benelli Nova 12ga., Franchi Veloce 20ga., and Franchi Alcione T 12ga. & 20ga.
Welcome aboard from Jefferson State.
Intro; Joe C

Hello from AK. Live in Wasilla.
I enjoy most types of shotgun shooting. My favorite is grouse & Pheasant hunting. Need to travel some to pheasant hunt.
Spend as much time as I can afford shooting trap. Started this with an 870 graduated to a Citori then on to a Stan Baker (Rem) 1100 which I now use exclusively for trap.
Hun's and Pheasant (when I can afford to go) are done with an 11-87. All firearms mentioned are of 12ga. Hunting Ruff grouse locally when season is open I'll use an old A5 (Belgium) 26" IC fixed choke.
Hello. Mike from Socal. Waiting to pick up my "88". 1st shot gun. Hope to pass it down to son's and grandsons.
Hello all. Josh here from anchorage, ak. Love shotguns of all types but am a mossberg/maverick guy
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Hello, im Mathew have a Reminton .22 Marlin 336 and a Sears and Roebuck 12 Ga that i recently bought as a first shotgun, i would like to find a 30.06 and a S&W 500 some day when i can afford it. i do have a question im not sure how to post a new thread, i have some questions about the sears and roebuck and would like some help, is there anyone who can help me on how to post a thread??
you just posted a thread?!

do the same thing in one of the forums listed and enjoy! try 'shotgun i.d. and worth' for starts.
Thank you so much, i was not opening the thread, I'm still new to this also.
only differene is you put in a title and click the start new topic icon on the main forums page. enjoy!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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