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Way back in the mid 80's...........

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I was a teenager with a hankering for a shotgun. Took a lot of pipe changing and bale buckin' to get the money, but I was finally able to get one.

Not long after, it wore a Pachmayer Vindicator pistol grip and forend, barrel shroud and sidesaddle, but as I've aged, I've learned to appreciate the way things were and replaced the furniture with the original wood.

I can't begin to guess how much it's been shot - a lot. Used to pack it in the woods on weekends.

Anyway, just an old Winchester 1200 Defender...........

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"Way back in the mid 80s..." Sigh.

I guess I get nostalgic this time of year. Doesn't seem THAT long ago but it was nearly 30 years now. Just out of college and trying to be a school teacher. (big sigh)

Anyway - nice old shotgun and well-enjoyed by the visible wear on the forearm. Thanks for sharing!

When I started seeing those ads for the "Classics" music CD's that had 80's music....

That's when I new I was starting to get old. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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