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Want to buy a Saiga 12 what to look for?

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Title pretty much sums it up. After watching the expendables and seeing the AA-12 I gotta have a shotgun that I can slap a drum on for killing zombies :p
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Don't know why everyone doesn't have one.

Definetally chech out the ultimate custom parts and accessory source for pimping your saiga up right.

Out of the box, you only have 2 versions to choose from right now, and the only difference is barrel length...everyone is buying the 19inch, of course.
Thanks for the tips. I read somewhere that quality can be hit or miss. Is this true?
mostly just cosmetic fit and finish issues, typical to russian arms in general. I don't know anyone complaining about lemons these days, and most everyone upgrades the internals, stock, etc. after buying them anyway.

They have trouble with low brass bird shot out of the box, but after a couple hundred round break-in period that goes away.
Check out Theres 1 in Ohio with drum,tapco stock,pg ,for 600.00. Its had the work done on the gas ports as well.
Seems like a good deal. Never bought a firearm over the internet...
Check these guys out! Looks awesome, but pricey.

Converted Firearms
Check in the gas block for at least three clear gas ports, check FSB for cant, examine overall fit and finish.

Gas Ports, unscrew the plug, look inside and use a bent paper clip or dental tool to count the ports and confirm they're clear.
FSB, look down sights as normal checking for canted FSB, also, look at factory mark on front sight post, is it centered or off to one side?
Fit & Finish, finish is uniform without any deep scratches, receiver is free of any dents/dings or otherwise, nothing rattling around inside.

It'll need to be broken in, take it out and run several hundred high brass rounds through, 00 & slugs, smooth out any rough spots/burrs/etc.
This'll also establish if it needs any warranty work, do not convert before trying to break it in.
Remember, these shotties were not designed with low brass in mind, they're combat shotguns, they want full power/magnum rounds.
But, broken in and/or tweaked a lil, they can and will eat low brass like a fat kid eats french fries.

Going price right now is $499.00 at CarolinaShootersSupply, Mississippi Auto Arms and MDArms.
Personally, I've bought all three of my Saigas from MAA, conversion parts from both CSS & MAA and MD20 drums from MDArms.
I've a S12, Sx39 & a S.308-ver.21.

You need any help, ask me, or come to

Check these guys out! Looks awesome, but pricey.
Stay far, far, far away from Alliance Armament.
Anywhere but AA for a converted S12, LoneStar Arms, Tromix, Red Jacket Firearms & many others.
Heck, both Home Page and Mississippi Auto Arms, Inc ::, Your Source for Saiga, AK47, AR15, Tromix, Glock, and SKS firearms and accessories" sell converted S12s at fair prices.

I'd buy from 'Bubba's Garage Conversions' before I'd buy anything from AA. :twisted:
A lot of very nice home/pro conversions get sold in S12.coms WTS/WTB/WTT forum, check in there if ya want a converted Saiga of any caliber.

Better yet, buy one and convert it yourself.
It is easy if you've any DIY skillz, basic hand tools and a Dremel.
I did both my S12 & Sx39.

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Definitely get one with a conversion.
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