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Every Veterans Day I request the local radio station play John Denver's "Take Me Home Country Roads".
In 71 I was part of a Marine guard detachment waiting for my enlistment to run out. One of the other Marines in the detachment was from West Virginia and also a few month short of getting out. He'd had a rough tour in Vietnam; his feet were all eaten up with jungle rot, he had a couple Purple Hearts, and nightmares.
John Denver's album had just come out and he had a copy which he played continuously, especially the "Take Me Home" track, until everybody in the barracks knew the lyrics whether we wanted to or not but nobody said anything because it seemed to calm him down.
In the years since I've thought of him whenever I've heard the song and wonder if he found the peace and tranquility the song promised. I hope so, he deserved it.
For all Vets Past, Present, and Future - May You Make It Home.
Ride Safe. Dr.Tramp..... USMC 68-71
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