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URGENT: Help me pick a shotty in the next 10 hours

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So here's the deal. Its 8:00 AM on the morning of my birthday and my wife just told me she has a Remington 11-87 28" vented rib barrel, synthetic stock on hold for me at the store. This is the gun I've had my search narrowed down to after months of searching (based on budget and needs) and being the best wife ever, she worked on getting me one.

Here in lies my dilemma. I had some extra time on my hands yesterday and stopped into a different gun store where I was speaking with the owner about my needs and my decision on the 11-87. He agreed they were nice but then reached behind him and pulled out an amazing firearm. He hands me what looks like a brand new Beretta AL390, Gold mallard edition with the full walnut stock and amazing gold inlay. I ask him how he still has a N.I.B. AL390 that I thought had been replaced by the AL391 a few years ago and why he recommended this gun that sells for far more than the 11-87. He explains that he recently got it in on trade and the original owner thinks it only fired about 200 rounds...not even broken in yet. He'll sell me it for $650.

This gun is going to be primarily for skeet and sporting clays.

I feel bad raining on my wife's hard work she put into finding the 11-87. But I feel like for the same money I could get a lot more gun with the Beretta. She just wants me to be happy. I told her I'm happy that I'm getting a shotgun period. Up until now my idea of skeet shooting is throwing a fist full of gravel at the clays.

What would you buy?
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The Beretta.

I'm sure the wife will understand that you have a opportunity to get a better gun at half price.
The gold inlay Beretta's are nice.
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