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Upcoming mossberg 590A1 build

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I'm looking for a tri rail handgaurd so I can mount an AFG, LT index clips, handstop and a light.
I've been having trouble finding A1 parts.

Between the shotgun, MESA tactical stock tube, mako stock, shellholder and above parts this beast is going to be painful to buy but a joy to shoot:)

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if memory serves me, most 500 and 590 furniture will fit the A1

the A1 got a bayonet lug and a slightly beefed up receiever with better sights in comparison to the normal 590

Personally, with the Mossberg tang safety, I'd stay away from pistol grip stocks as it puts the button too far out of reach to be of any practical use.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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