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Trying to Choose between 3 guns?

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Looking for a semi-auto 22" barrel. I've narrowed my search to:
1. FN SLP Mk1
2. Remington Versa Max Tactical
3. Mossberg JM Pro

I'm looking for an all around gun (occasional 3 gun competition, hunting, and even HD). The FN and the Remington are basically the same price around $1200 and the Mossberg is around $400-500 cheaper. I've seen reviews for the FN and the Mossberg and they seem mostly positive. There are very few reviews for the Remington. I'm leaning towards the Mossberg since $500 will buy a fair amount of shells and accessories, unless someone can tell me why I need to spend more for one of the other guns.

Thanks for any input.
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Look at my comments/listed mods and the nutnfancy review vid in the FN sub forum.. FN SLP MK 1 all the way for me

It's my go to shottie when things get wierd

BTW I also own a SPAS 12 and several Mossberg 500s and I reload my own hand cast slugs and buckshot, so I'm a for real shotgun zealot, and the FN is "all that".. I even gave it a girl's name
Good choices... I like the Remington. I almost bought one but bought a 19" Saiga instead. For a 22" I think it's hard to beat the Remington or FN.
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