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trouble deciding on a new weapon

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I did a quick search and learned some.

I live in the woods Eastern Tennessee.
Have and old Springfield/Savage Model 67 20Gauge Pump.

Looking for a jack of all trades that will be easy to handle.
Another 20 Gauge 3" chamber - Semi auto - Must take chokes - Max 26" barrel.
Want to try out a pistol grip - I am not rich.
So i have been searching around a few weeks and have my short list.
1 > Weatherby
SA-459™ Turkey - 21" barrel - (I really like this one)
SA-08™ Synthetic -26" barrel - (If this one had a pistol grip i would be done).
2 > Franchi Affinity: 26" barrel
3 > Winchester SX3 Black Shadow - 26" barrel (Top of budget 800 - 1000)

So whats your opinion of these contenders?
Have a better candidate?

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Well it's always hard to define what someone else should like, or shoot. From what you've stated as your choices, I like the Weatherby SA-08 or the Winchester SX3.

I'm not a fan of pistol grip shotguns except for self defense guns and then only with a full stock. But for general hunting I think the SA-08 or teh SX3 would make good all around shotguns that could be used in a variety of different applications.

The Turkey gun is cool to look at but it has a very short barrel and sights that would not adapt easily to hunting birds, or squirrels or other faster moving targets.

So, that's my 2 cents. As always you should buy the gun that you like the best, as it's you that's going to be shooting it!
Looks like pistol grip is out.
I was reading about barrel length. As you posted they claimed 26" works very well.

Was reading - Carry a lot shoot little - light gun / shoot a lot carry a little - heavy gun.
The lack of support for the Weatherby Even though you see this same gun in many manufacturers catalogs puts it in last place.

So that list is down to
Winchester SX3 - But in that price range there are other choices.
Browning Maxis
Remington Versa Max

The search continues.
But we are narrowing down the field:)

This was an interesting read:
"Benelli/Franchi/Stoeger (all three brands are owned by Beretta) "inertial" branded recoil actions kick more than gas actions, period."
Autoloading Shotgun Actions: Gas versus Recoil
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Inertia may kick more than gas, but on a 20 ga, its insignificant.
I have the Benelli Montefeltro 20 ga. Shoot a 100-120; don't even feel it, even though its a very light gun.
Now, my 12 ga O/U always left a bruise, even with dove loads.
I recently bought the rem 1187 sportsman, 5 and a half out the door. I got the 28 inch barrel, I like the longer barrels. Interchangable chokes, and synthetic stock.
sx3. if the 12ga doesnt kick, the 20ga will be a pellet guns recoil.
Finally made it to a bigger city today.
Stopped at a gun shop.
Got to handle a few of our short list.
We really liked the Franchi Affinity: 26" barrel
They did not have a Winchester SX3 there but had a used SX2 it felt/fit and handled great also.

So we have it down to two contestants:)

> He offered me the SX2 - Condition was about 9 out 10 - 26" barrel - 3" chamber - 12gauge with original box - one choke in the barrel for $550.00 out the door. I almost left with it, but decided to think about it some more.
Maybe i should just settle for this? it does appear to be a good price.

> I really need to learn more about the Franchi; that shotgun was just sweet to hold - fit me great and maneuvered like my .22 rifle:)
So what can you tell me about the "Inertia Drive" types?
I overheard the dealer there talking about a benelli saying they liked hot loads and had trouble cycling light loads.
Everything i have read about the "Inertia Drive" types claims they are great shotguns.

Thanks for helping me think about this.
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