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Trick My Mossberg

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So this weekend I picked up one of these...

I need ideas on what to do to it. I was thinking about replacing the stock with a pistol grip and replacing the fore-end with a pistol grip fore-end. But then I though about a folding rear stock w/ a pistol grip. I just don't know. I have been searching these accessories, but I am unsure which companies make a good product. I would like to go for a tactical look, it is a home-defense shotgun. I am also wondering about getting rid of the bead sight and replacing it with something else. (btw...this is my first shotgun, so I don't know too much about them.)

I know that I will get a comment "you should have bought the one you wanted with those accessories on it already"... well I got a great deal on this one new, and thought it would be another fun project to make the changes myself.

Thanks guys,
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Knoxx SpecOps™ Adjustable Stocks : Cabela's

this is about the best you will get in what you are looking for. This stock can be found at several different retailers.
why do you want ot trick it out? I have one it is perfectly good the way it is. I would spend the money on learning how to use it (training) and practicing using it instead of bunch of semi worth while eye candy junk.
Try a speedfeed pistolgrip stock.
the knoxx grips and stocks are great.

first thing is a flashlight, the brighter the better.

second is switch the bead with something more visible like a fiber optic or tritium night site bead.

after that is practice and lots of practice

after that you can switch the stock if you feel the stock one isnt what you want.

But you should put a fair amount of ammo through it before you change anything, that way you will know what needs changing and you can save yourself some money and also get what you NEED
why do you want ot trick it out? I have one it is perfectly good the way it is. I would spend the money on learning how to use it (training) and practicing using it instead of bunch of semi worth while eye candy junk.
+1 Looks like a really nice shotgun as it is. Train with it for awhile then decide if you want to add or change something with it.
actually if you buy the accessories separetly you will save 50% on them. People sell them assembled for 360 you get a worse product, and it would have only cost you 290.

In order of preferance, but choose [what you want all good options.

Knox recoil
ATI fold over

all have different functions get what you want.

You want a shoulder stock IMO

Lights are a preference thing I see their use but I like to keep the weight down. Shell holder might be a good choice if you go with the knox, ATI or speedfeed I think makes it ju[st uneccassary unhelpful weight.

my .02 your safety is on top, get a speefeed. So you don't have to move your hand, if you don't want that fine, for home defense leave it cruiser ready (firing pin down, empty chamber safety off.
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Yea, avoid a pistol-grip-only type setup. It might look cool but its not very usable with any amount of accuracy. Even if you practice enoguh to make it so, you're going to really wear out your wrist.
I have a SpeedFeed stock on mine.

Think you need a new fore grip, sight, Side saddle and stock. Throw on a sling and call it good. That would be for an all-around shotty. If you want something more specific like HD, Shorten it up, get a light.
All you need is a youth stock and a better bead. Unless you doing 3-gun at long distances (25+ yards) or hunting NOTHING more is needed...rifle sights will slow you down, ghost ring will still not be as fast as a bead, and fancy optics will just cost you lots of money.

Get a tritium bead, as has already been suggested. I've also seen a "speed bead" which is essentially a small red dot sight mounted low on the gun and very close to your eye. Mimics a bead for the most part...never used it but it looks interesting. again....just more $$$ that you probably don't need.

My bone stock mossy with a cheap wood youth stock is awesome. The ONLY upgrade I still want is a tritium bead. It's got an 18.5" barrel and 5+1 tube. Very light even when loaded.
I suggest a knoxx specops stock with the recoil suppression, a good sling and tritium front bead.
i have a pistol grip only 12 gauge with a 14" barrel..... and yes it WAS hard to aim at first, but now its not that hard at all. i can easily hit what im aiming at within normal home/self defense ranges.

but i dont have the option of putting a stock on mine since it is an AOW. If you can you should put one on
I hunt ducks and pigs with my 500, and I can tell you I can get 3 rounds off very fast- with the factory forearm. Keeping the stock as-is gives you something to beat the perps head to a pulp if you run out of shots, or the gun jams. My 2 cents.

For home defense, I would not put a light or a laser on it, tritium sight if anything. The light and laser give away your position, assuming it's black inside and the perp is moving towards you. If the lights on, you don't need them.

One thing to remember, try shooting 00 buck with a short barrel at 10 yards, and the pattern is only the size of a softball. I blown holes in wild pig's rib cages like that, I can tell you. You still have to aim it to hit what you're wanting to knock down.

I hope and pray you never have to fire that weapon in fear, or anger.

Thanks to all... I think I am going to start out with tritium sights. I guess I will stick with the bead since that is what is already there
ghost ring on a shotgun just looks awesome thats the plan for my shotgun
I tricked out my 870 18" by putting on a walnut stock set and adding a $5 elastic buttstock shell holder.

It's currently awesome.
I like it like it is but light is personal preference and whatever shell holder you like that works for you. You said you got a great deal on this do you mind sharing how much and where? I am in the market for similar right now.
^^ check your local pawn shops. I got mine practically NIB for $125.

If you're going to replace the stock with a pistol grip stock then I wouldn't worry about the bead. It's almost dangerous to aim a PGO with the bead, strictly IMHO

If it's me I stick with the stock, stick with the bead, shorten the barrel, get a sling, get a light and call it even.
Maybe a light...I have the same one and I like it the way it is.
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