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Tri Star Shotguns?

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I won a Tri Star Cobra Tactical shotgun at a banquet last night. Has anyone heard good or bad about these shotguns? I can't pick it up until tomorrow so I haven't had a chance to get a good look at it. I have found some info through google, but I want some personal experience info. I want to know if it is one to keep or maybe try to trade off when I pick it up.
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People on the internet seem to like them, i've never seen one myself though. Hell if you won it you're not out anything whether you like it or not. Go shoot the **** out of it after you get it and see if you like it and if you don't just sell it to someone and get an 870 or 500/590. Winning stuff is great.
I just picked one up at a local gunshop for a real good price. I traded a ATI M1911 GI Commander that I really don't shoot that much anymore. Got a even trade for the shotgun & it's some NWTF (National Wild Turkey Foundation) banquet shotgun, has real nice wood furniture on it.

It take 3" shells has a 28" barrel with red fiber optic site.
Trouble free guns with a great price and outstanding customer service. The Viper G2 youth is the best bet on the market for a youngster that is still growing.
I've had 2 tristar pumpd come through for repair. One didn't feed proper, it was an easy fix with a stronger/longer mag spring. The other had the forend plastic break and had to be sent back.

To know the future is to be trapped by it

Here's some pics of that NWTF Banquet shotgun I got.

Just shot 100 shells through it about a week ago at trap. The only issue I had was the action unlocking real quick with the trigger pull & almost at times causing it to come out of battery before the hammer could fulling hit the primer causing Light primer strikes. I think I figured it out. But after changing my stance and holding the forend up it never misfired again. It only did it if I was holding the forend action slightly to hard, I had to just lightly rest the forend in hand. I haven't shot it yet too see if I might have solved this issue. All I know is Tristar isn't doing much cause it was a new/used shotgun.
My local shop got it on a estate sale, it was in this guys collection, in original box, unopened when they got it back to the store. I thought it looked like a nice shotgun, & it came with 3 different chokes & choke tool. It shot point of aim, that red fiber optic sight is really nice when shooting trap.
First round 12 out of 25
2nd 15-25
3rd 18-25
4th 19-25
5th 19-25
So more I shot it the better I got. To me not a bad shotgun, I know I could have gotten a Mossberg 500 with 20" barrel & a 26" field barrel with 2 chokes & tool. But it was really used, this shotgun was brand new condition & I liked the look, it has real wood, the Mossberg was all plastic.
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