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Trap shooting - is 20ga as good as 12ga?

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My wife has some interest in trap shooting and my local club does it twice a week.
I shot (and owned) as 12 ga (mossberg 500 pump) for a number of years and never liked the kick (nor the quality of the gun). I know she's not gonna like a 12ga.

My son is on the jr rifle team and I can see him at some point wanting to try trap - again, 20ga seems to make more sense than 12ga.

So is shooting trap with a 20ga 'feasible' or would it put one at a great handicap?

If it's not too far out there, then what gun would be a good choice? I'm thinking semi auto (unless there is a reason not to). I've no plans to hunt with the gun (a consideration in PA as no semi auto can be used to hunt)
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A lot of people shoot 20 gauges for trap more than enough gun to break a clay at most any distance.
When I was on a trap team at work I used my 20ga over/under with 26" barrels. I was always shooting 21 to 25 per round. Learn your gun and practice, practice, practice. I did shoot about 300 to 400 rounds a week back then though. We were union sponsored so the cost wasn't so bad. My buddy and me did a lot of reloading. Dam, that was 42 years ago!
Your best bet is to go out and see a few trap-dedicatd guns. 20 ga is more than enough to break every presentation on a trap field, but the setup of the gun is really what facilitates you doin so. Because of target presentations, you want a high rib gun, or at the very least, an adjustable comb so you can move your point of impact on the clay. You're shooting at rising targets, so using a field model, lets say a Benelli Legacy, puts you at a real disadvantage. Using that shotgun, you need to COVER the target on multiple presentations, and it's not only unnatural, but when you do so, you slow your muzzle because you lost sight of the target. Check out shotguns like the Beretta DT10 Trap, or Luitics, and see what features they have on them. You can find semi-auto trap guns from Beretta in the form of the Model 391. 1-1/8 oz is always preferred, as more pellets mean more pattern. BUT if you shoot a modified choke with a 1 oz or 7/8 oz load in 20 ga, you'll be fine. You may find it easier to shoot multiple rounds, as the recoil is significantly less. I find myself reloading my 12 ga loads with 1 oz of shot and even 7/8 for practice, as I can concentrate on 300 rounds and never get recoil fatigue. A great book to help you get started is Gun Digests Guide to Trap shooting. Once you get out there, check out sporting clays as well... thats the challenge....
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should have mentioned no matter what you shoot on the trap field gun or load wise, modified choke is where its at. You'll find consistently harder, more commanding breaks, at every distance, but especially longer ones, where the modified shines.
12 or 20 eithey way you will hit your target. I have a single and pump in both. Take all 4 when we go clay shooting. depends on how much cheaper 20 ammo is. I havent bought bird shot in forever.
I know of some ppl that use .410 for busting birds, its hard but it can be done! Alot of guys at our Wednesday leagues use 20's.
My wife shoots a 28 guage for trap. She's short, and the bigger shotties are too front heavy for her.
I load my 12ga shotshells with 7/8 oz of shot. That's basically like shooting a 20ga. I routinely shoot in the 20's.
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