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Thinking of a Saiga or 870 for a Bullpup Conversion

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My dad has a Mossberg 500, and since we go shooting together that pretty much means I have a Mossberg 500. I've sorta gotten the AK bug and the Bullpup bug. Not mutually exclusive. And I am sort of interested in another shotgun for no good reason.

You can perhaps see where this is going. Anyway, I'm interested in getting a shotgun and trying to get a bullpup kit for it. My two most interesting options seem to be the Remington 870 and the Saiga 12. I know one is pump and the other is semi-auto, however I'm not sure which one to get. This would just be for fun (and yes for something to be HD suitable). Mainly for plinking & skeet, possibly if I ever took up hunting (of course, there is already the Mossberg).

Remington 870: I would be going with this if I went that route:

Features and Benefits for Bullpup Unlimited Shotgun Conversion Kit

Saiga 12: Beats me. There are a few options. Kushnapup looks promising.

Anyway, undecided. Any thoughts or suggestions? It sounds like the 870 might be a bit more reliable, and cheaper. The Saiga has more rounds, although I'm not a cast member on The Walking Dead or clearing crack houses so that might not be an issue. It sounds like a ton of fun, it's magazine fed, however the longer magazines seem like they'd perhaps be somewhat likely to get in the way. I don't know. Just fishing for opinions at this point.

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The possibilities with the 870 are endless
I'd always go remington
and theyre american made
Go with the 870! Reliable and made in the USA.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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