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The best and talented shotgun person is:

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You know the names. Which one could be the best?

Sgt. Hancock:

Or Kim: :eek:

They both own an Olympic Gold Medal.
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neither. youd be a good shot too if you were shooting since the age of 4 on african hunts...groomed from birth.

what bothers me about int. clays is....where is all the talent? you get one or two great shooters and the whole country lays the entire burden on them every olympic match. sure they earned respect, but its like seeing the dolphins win the bowl every year. instead of cheering, you watch more to just see if they will lose.

my point is...there are many better shooters out there better, but due to money, time, and equipment, they cant begin to come close, and coaches would rather lay the weight on known performers than to find new blood and push the kings and queens off the throne......who are making them all very wealthy.

you run a horse too long, youll break its legs.
not quite the same subject I guess, but Tom Knapp and Pat Flannigan put on a hell of a show.

I need a job where someone pays me to shoot their bullets all day besides the Army...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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