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That's not a shotgun...THIS is a shotgun...

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Lmao wow.. I can't get over that
I want one for the top of the wakeboard tower on the boat.
I might have to pick one of those up for home defense.

That's an old lake (bird) hunting shotgun. They use to put those on the end of a small row boat and try to get as many birds as they could with one shot.

Good Luck And Be Safe!!!
hope they come with aspirin...or a bionic shoulder lol
Hunters used guns like that on the Chesapeake Bay a few hundred years ago.
Will it take a pistol grip, side saddle, laser, red dot, and sling?
Five bucks says Red Jacket could stick a Trijicon on it. "Neva Bin Dun Befo"
My Grandfather had an 8 Gauge goose gun with a 48" barrel and a 3 shot clip. that thing was a Monster and I never even saw it fired!
holy disintegrating target batman.
I bet it kicks like a mule!
considering it was roped to the bench and still jumped, I would imagine it does...

wonder if they have a reduced recoil load with flight control wad?
I have one of those sawed off by the night stand. ;)
Top Shot needs to get a hold of that! "You have 60 seconds to break as many clays as you can!" :rolleyes:
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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