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Tested out a couple of HD shells

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tried out 4 12 gauge HD shells to check for spread pattern. used my Benelli supernova tactical 18.5" smooth barrel. targets were around 40ft away.

#1 Remington 00 buck 9pellets

THE CLASSIC. everyone has it and its defiantly a threat stopper

#2 Winchester Supreme Elite PDX1 (one slug and 3 pellets)

I like this round. If the slug dont get em then a pellet might slow em down

#3 Centurion Multi defense buckshot (1 slug and 6 pellets)

Would have liked to see a bit more spread but seems like you get best of both worlds here

#4 Centurion round balls (2 balls)

Maybe better for large game. two .650" balls to the chest would be devastating.

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for the cost of those exotic rounds, as appealing as they seem to be, I think I'll stick to the easily attainable and cheaper Federal 00 at the shop in town :) It's cool to see how they perform though. I wish the Centurion 2 ball had a tighter pattern.
^^^ Agreed. I thought the PDX1 was going to be the shizzle. But after a little testing against good old fashioned 00 buck and Slugs. I decided my money was better spent on traditional ammo.
I like seeing pics like this. Proves the people wrong who say you dont have to aim with a shotgun. Those targets are 40 feet away yet the spread is still only about the width of an average person. If using the gun in SD in your house, the BG is going to be a lot closer and therefore the spread would be even less.
nice pics. im sticking to my normal 3" 00 buck magnums.
No chokes were used when shooting?
I have a chicom Ithica M37 clone that shoots a much more consistant pattern than that Benelli. I use the two .65" pellet load in my HD shotgun and at 35 yards it has a 5-6" spread with a cylinder bore.

I would test some more loads to find one that patterns better from your gun.......
My personal choice is the Winchester Military 00 Buck. They pattern best out of my Mossberg so that is why they are in my Mossberg.
My personal choice is the Winchester Military 00 Buck. They pattern best out of my Mossberg so that is why they are in my Mossberg.
Thats good ammo too. I have yet to own a shotgun that shoots one shell the same as another. Mine shoots Rem OO buck and #1 Buck great but the OOO 8 pellet is terrible. The flight control wad stuff shoots too tight, unless I were to hunt with it. S&B unbuffered is awfull while Noble Sport unbuffered has the most uniform pattern but larger than Rem.

Gotta test that ammo to find the best!! Thats the fun part to me.

FWIW, when I had a Benelli, it was the worst buckshot throwing shotgun I ever had. My chicom M37 clone was one tenth the price but it throws a better more uniform pattern of buckshot with any brand. THeir bores are tight though and I wonder if thats got something to do with it. After one of my buddies had his backbored and lengthened the cones it improved greatly......
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