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Tactical Shotgun Sling

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Hey all im trying to find a 3point tactical shotgun sling for my 870, it has the full stock, not collapsable.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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Check out GearSector. Jason has the best customer service ever. I got a 2 point with quick adjuster and the adapter for my stock on Monday following a Friday order. Top notch quality and service.

He has the 3 point also.
wow your not kidding, i emailed him and he responded at 10min later at 6pm on thanksgiving day..... ordered 2 slings.... 2 point for the shotty and 1 point for the ar.

Thanks man.
You will like them and yes Jason and his products kicks ass. Here are a few of my GS setups.

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how do u like having that 1point sling on ur shotty?
I have M16 sling on my M590DA1. Its simple, cheap, and effective. I tried a 3-point sling on it, but I felt it was no good, as I tried grabbing for a pistol grip that was not there, as if it was a M16. I have a single point sling on my SBR'ed (10.3") AR that works great for that.
They are both great. The dual point for long periods of carry like when out in the west desert shooting rabbits. The dual point get used alot more but the HK clip loop on the 870p and the M590A1, was only 30, and I have a few singlepoints with HK attachments so I figured "why not" and got them.
ya i decided myself going to get single and dual points for both shotty and ar. thanks for your input spoolup, i appreciate it and the pics!
try USED TO BE cheaper than butnotreally
i have noticed that too

so wheres a good place to get ammo these days?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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