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Swivel Magazine Cap for Remington 870

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Lokking to get a sling this week for my Remington 870 Express Pump, Ive heard of replacement magazine caps that you can attatch a sling to, anybodt recomend and good magazine cap with swivel mount, I know Uncle Mikes makes some and advice would help, thanks!!
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AND wala! I found one I think? Gonna order today see how it works out

Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Remington 870/870 Youth 12-Gauge External Ratchet Cap Set Sling Swivels (Blued, 1-Inch Loop)

Blackhawk Shotgun Shell Sling (Holds 15)

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I actually have a remington one.

I bought one a long time ago for my 870, it's an actual remington brand one. It was pretty cheap, under $10 I think. Unless it's built really cheap, it should be OK.
I bought a different brand, Allen I think, but it looks identical to the Uncle Mikes. I have had no issues and like being able to remove the sling quickly with the detach feature. I would pass on the shell holding sling. You will find they don't really serve a purpose other than being in your way and causing the gun to sway around with all that weight swinging under it. Good luck.
Ok so I installed the Uncle Mikes to my 870 and fits perfectly, it is made pretty sturdy and I see no difference in quality between the factory and Uncle Mikes.
Outdoor Connection Max4 Camo Shotgun Sling w/Swivel
This is the one I've got on my 870, only mine's black. Love it.
"Guaranteed forever." (We'll see...)
I`ve got an Uncle Mikes. You will be fine. I like the sling too. Might have to get one of those.
Just bought a new 1187 sportsman, and it was already on it. Apparently remington is installing them on certain shotguns
Yep - I have an Uncle Mikes on my Winchester pump. I've had it for years... certainly tough enough.

As for shells - just get a butt stock shell holder. You can't beat the simplicity. Good luck!
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