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SuperNova too much plastic?

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I was at the range yesterday trying out some shotguns. New to shotguns but I'm trying to educate myself right now for a potential buy by end of year. I wanted to try out the SuperNova but the guy behind the counter said I should prob stick with a remington because the SuperNova is a plastic gun and the remingtons are a more solid platform. I was a bit taken back because I carry a "Plastic" XDm 45 and love it!. The range DOES have remington posters and banners everywhere (duh) so I'm guessing he's a bit bias. BTW, ended up shooting the Rem870 with 3 1/2 00. My shoulder is a bit sore this morning and a bit bruised. I need to shoot some others to compare it.
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There's nothing wrong with the Supernova. I'm willing to bet the shop just makes a bit more on an 870 than they would with the Benelli.
I have a Remington 870, it is a great gun, especially for the money. My father in-law has the Super Nova also a great gun. That being said the Super Nova is a crap load more expensive. Bennalli and Remington make some of the best shotguns out. Try to shot each and decide for yourself.
The Benelli Nova line is great. The plastic/polymer coating helps prevent any rust and also makes this a great all weather shotgun. The quality is awesome from Benelli. The recoil system is one of the best around. You will pay a bit more than others but I love my Benelli and never regretted the purchase at all.
Benelli is the most popular brand for competition for a reason, the latest American Rifleman had a bit on this in the 3-gun article.I believe the quote was something like, "why do so many people use benelli for competition: because they just work"

He points out that most shotguns (remington and mossberg included) just arent meant to be run that hard, benelli is built to do just that.
I have a Winchester 1200 12ga, Browning A-5 12 ga Mossberg 590 12 ga, Remington 870&1100 12 ga and Benelli Nova 12 ga shot guns some autos some pumps. But it seems that I always lean towards the Benelli when I go out for any type of hunting something about the way the Benelli Nova feels while carrying it(Light weight) and I am in a coastal environment that make it the better choice for me.

I really like how the gun lines up, how the length of pull feels and the smooth action of the Benelli feels, I dont think you would go wrong with a nova or super nova.
Thanks for the feedback guys!! Yes, like when I was choosing my pistol, I will prob go through 2 or 3 models from each major manufacturer before finding the right one. I will be relying on the shotgun as a HD weapon and for competition. I want to try out the 3 gun matches. Since I am buying my firearms on a "needed" basis, pistol was first for carrying and HD, and now a boomstick for HD and matches. A rifle is gonna be awhile so I'll have to borrow my friend's.
i like 870 action over S-Nova

i like the action of the 870 over the SN. i might be a little spastic, but sometimes i pull back on the SN slide as i break the trigger and it 'locks' (with ME) and i find myself having to push the slide (forend) forward to Then be able to pull the slide back to eject? others don't have that problem. i love 'em both and i think remington makes a polimer 1100, so maybe they make an 870 polimer too? [i've been out of the shotgun world for some time obviously]. GL and shoot 'em both.
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