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Rogers Sporting Goods | Gear for the Serious Outdoor Enthusiasts at Rogers Sporting Goods - Hunting, Fishing, Camping - Ammo section, Target loads. (cheapest prices around, thank god I live 25 mins from them)

Generally for Skeet/Sporting clays you want #8 shot, 1oz to 1 1/8th oz. 2 3/4 dram to 3 1/2 dram loads.

2 3/4 drams run about 1145-1200FPS and the 3 1/2 drams run 1300-1350FPS (you'll notice a difference between them)

For trap, I like #7.5 shot, in 1 1/8 oz - 16-22yards, 1200fps works good, 22+ I move up to 1300-1350fps to compensate for the extra distance and maintain the same pellet energy.

I've never had issue with these loads running in an Auto-Chucker as long as it was clean and not over oiled.

I do not usually run auto guns @ the Shooting park, I'm an O/U guy.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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