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Stoeger / Weatherby 12 ga auto ???

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Ok I had posted a question about the Mossberg 930 ...went to local candy shop to handle one ( not sure if its appropriate to mention names - but for anybody in OHIO --VANCES rules!) . I gotta admit I really like the 930 , while I was there the guy behind the counter showed me autos from Stoeger and Weatherby . The Weatherby had a nice feel with ghost ring / fiber front sights . Bolt cycled nice and it was like $449---what am I missing ???? this also looked a lot like Stoeger action which LOOKS LIKE BENELLI inertia action --both of these were about $200 lower in price

at the end of the day I am still pretty partial to the 'berg - that weapon is one fine shotty :mrgreen: --- but if I could save some sheckles ....perhaps the others are worth looking at
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hehehe.........I'm sure you'll get the usual "Buy American" theme here, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that, I love MOSSBERGS.

But I've fired the WEATHERBY and handled it, it's a very nice weapon!
I've got a 930 and am mostly happy with it. I've been having some ejector problems that I'm still trying to figure out. I had to send my gun back to Mossberg and there was corrosion near the gas piston. Not sure how that occurred as I've only had it for a couple months. Anyway Mossberg got it back to me in 8 days (awesome!!), but had a few more issues. However, believe it is associated with the ammo. Federal seems to shoot a little better than the Winchester target loads from Walmart.
I shot my buddies weatherby pump action awhile back. Did much better on clays than with the 870s and 500s. I'm sure the sa weatherby would shoot just as nice. The pa is just under $300 too. Ill pick one up when I can.
Just wanted to follow up as I've had a chance to do a thorough cleaning on the gas piston. I put 250 rounds through it at the range today and was very satisfied. I'm back to loving it. :)
thanks for the reply CarpXDm,
what kind of ammo did you shoot ? have you tried any slugs ??
any pattern tests to report ?
I just shot the cheap federal loads from Walmart. $23/box of 100. I did not test any shot patterns, only clays.
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