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Stoeger STF 3000 o/u?

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I am newbie to shotguns and would like some advice. I am currently looking to buy a Stoeger STF 3000 o/u and I'm curious if that particular shotgun is a overall decent shotgun? Primarily I would be using it for Skeet and Trap but nothing too competitive. Something to start off with and then eventually work my way up with better shotguns. During my first time shooting with some friends the STF 3000 was one of the models I was able to shoot. Other than that, it is reasonably priced and that is driving me towards purchasing it however, I don't want to waste $400. If anyone can shed some light on whether or not it is a decent starter gun for what I am looking for, that would be greatly appreciated. Also I was unsure if the STF 3000 has the capability of being customized with different barrels, chokes, and grips or even anything at all? Thank you for your time and advice.
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you get what you pay for. period.
why not invest in a good working gun that will last a lifetime, than to gamble on a false good deal breaking early into the game of shooting? there are plenty of great old guns out there for 400.00 that will out perform a cheap stoeger. #1 question is, why does it have to be a o&u now? if your goal is to work your way up to a nice gun, why not learn on a semi and then get a much better o&u when you decide to, and use it the rest of your life?
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