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stoeger p350 vs mossberg 500

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Out of these 2 shot guns which is the better one to get and why. The Mossberg has the pistol grip and the Stoeger has the full stock with pistol/stability grip. Moss is 299.00 and the Stoeger is 320.00.
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you want a full stock.

Pistol grips are useless.

if you're worried about moving around in confined spaces, tuck the buttstock under your shoulder and use your body to aim until you can get it back on your shoulder in a proper firing stance.

Save the pistol grips for the ninjas that don't know how bad a sprained wrist sucks.

I have a 500 and love it.

BUT BUT BUT DO NOT USE A PISTOL GRIP STOCK OF ANY KIND. It puts the safety out of reach to quickly manipulate.
Ok then say if the Moss had a full stock, then what would be the better of the two put a full stock on the moss would add 80.00 to the price of it worth it?
I'm going to take it the primary use of this shotty is defense?

Skip the Stoeger.
Go with either a Mossberg 500 or find a Remington 870.
Or get a little pricier and buy a Ithaca 37 defense.
Yes the primary is going to be for defense, that is until we move then I will be using if for hunting as well.
i have a 500 and LOVE it. i will at some point get a collapsible stock for it. currently the stock stock is too long for my wife's short arms. i would agree with everyone else to not use a pistol grip. if it is a stock/pistol grip combo then it's a different story.

also, where are you looking? i picked up a 500 combo at big 5 for $300. it came with the 18.5" HD barrel and a 28" bird barrel. it was like getting a free barrel!
I am looking at the local gun stores in my area. I am guessing the the Stoeger is crap from the responces I am getting?
Can't go wrong with a Moss. Tons of accessories for it and great deals like the combo mentioned above here. However I do have a Stoeger 2000, which is the semi auto. It's only around $475 and I've had zero problems with it. So I can't say anything negative about the Stoeger brand in general. Other than not as many accessory options. :)
I've got the 500 and I love it. Mine was the field/home combo so it came with a full wood stock and a 28" barrel with changeable chokes and a 18.5" barrel and a pistol grip for home defense. I had the pistol grip on it for a while but eventually went to keeping the stock on it full time. Even at 10ft it is difficult to aim where you want. Alot of people say you don't aim a shotgun, you point it. At 10ft 9 00 buck pellets spread out about 2 inches. You still need to aim it. Forget about the pistol grip and get a stock.

If you want, pick up a cheap pistol grip and try it out. Its a novelty thing, that's about it. I still put the pistol grip on mine occasionally just for fun.
you could always save about 100 bucks and get a Maverick 88.

it shares a few parts with the 500 and is a very good gun for the money.

it'll accept a lot of the parts that the 500 will if you wanna modify.
Thank you Dev for the info. That might be a better option and then I can get a better stock for it and a light for the same price I would pay for the Moss 500.
yup, you can get the 8 shoot Model 88's for around 200 bucks.

Maverick 31046 88 12 20 CYL 8RD $208.00 SHIPS FREE

the most noticeable difference is that the Maverick uses a crossbolt safety found on the rear of the trigger guard.
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