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Stoeger Condor Supreme O/U Shotgun Review

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I am looking for a inexpensive O/U shotgun to shoot clay and maybe dove hunt with, I don't want to spend more than $600 on it. I can by the Condor Supreme for $499, and wondered if anybody had any reviews or experiences with these guns before I purchase one.

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Not the Condor, but I hunt upland birds with an Uplander Supreme 20ga. The only problem I've had is occasional light firing pin strikes on the right barrel.
I'd rather have a Mossberg Silver Reserve from WalMart for $500, and I'd rather have a Huglu or CZ Canvasback than either by a large margin. I've said it often on this board, but I bought a NIB CZ Canvasback from a gunshow for $550 and it has much more in common with a Citori than any of the other guns in its price range.

And I've had a Condor, but not the adjustable model. I know it's a budget gun but the thing looked like it was painted with a can of Krylon and had a 2x4 for a stock.
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I have a Stoeger Condor that I bought two years ago. It came with one set of 12 Ga and one set of 20 Ga barrels. I love it. It fits me very nice. I am a duck hunter by preference and have no problem laying this down in the bottom of the boat if needed. It does not have the beautiful fit and finish of a 1500.00 gun, but it is a nice O/U that has functioned very well for me. The bluing is fine and it looks somewhat better than a 2x4. I would and have recommended it to others who want an O/U without the high price tag associated with them. I compared it directly the Remington O/U of that time (Baikal originally I think) and it looked much better than they did.
I would have to say "pass" on this one. My father bought one to shoot trap last year, and after 3,000 rounds of light birdshot, the left lateral rib between the barrels worked itself loose. Not a good thing. Stoeger replaced it, but he immediately sold off the replacement and upgraded to a shotgun more capable of serious use. He just wasn't confident in the long term durability of that shotgun anymore.

If you just plan to shoot/hunt with it here or there, it may be okay. However, if you are looking for something to shoot often, I'd look elsewhere.

Here's his post on ShotgunWorld, a forum where many others have had problems with these shotguns: View topic - Stoeger Condor Competition Failure
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