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Stevens SxS Help

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Hello all, thought i'd post a thread asking for help because honestly i don't know that much about old shotguns.

Last weekend at the Hickory gun show I purchased a Stevens 311 12ga to match grandpas old 16ga with tenite stock.

Firstly, I'm unsure of exactly which microfische to use on Numrich's website. My friend says the gun is a 5100. It says...


On the right side: 5100 (in small font, low, next to the pins)

From looking at microfische slides I cant tell a discernible difference between a 311 and a 5100 so i guess that this question is probably a waste anyway.

The main part i'm looking at is 173270B trigger guard so I guess fitment shouldn't be much to worry about anyways.

I was looking at the part change on this page Stevens $7 Fix
but it appears mine already has the improved piece

Also I was looking at this modification stevens 311 modification
but I don't know if it's worth the hastle. It stinks having to push the barrels more open to remove spent casings, but the replacement part is sold out on numrich and i have no interest in permanently buggering up the one thats in it.

Lastly, i'm looking at wood stocks to use, because honestly the plastics are pretty and apparently less available. I've been looking at stocks on this site Stevens 311 series I I stock set. The only question I have on this is, pistol grip or straight grip style? I've done alot of shooting with standard style stocks, but the only time I've ever shot an english stock was on an old Remington rolling block .22 rifle. English stocks are so good looking though. Is there any "heck no" reason to avoid english stocks on a side by side shotgun that will be used for field use and casual "in the yard" clays use? Whichever I do order, I'll probably checker with Grandpa's old checkering set that just got passed down.

Thank's for any help folks. Well... um... Ya'll have a nice day.
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Well english stock it is then. It is on the way. I think it will turn out well
Well i'm not sure if anybody's really interested in this project but i'm a mighty proud SOB and I like to brag and stuff so I can feel awesome.

The buttstock and forearm wood came in a week or 2 back and i've been working... slowly since then. I have the forearm 100& inletted and waiting for external shaping and have gotton the buttstock to about 95% inletted but externally the wood is so proud im having to begin shaping on it to get a better look at the final inletting to ensure absolutely no gaps.

The wood is standard walnut, the forearm is clean but I have noticed maybe 2 small knots on the buttstock. Not too big of a deal, the guns not fancy, im not fancy, and the woods not fancy.

I ordered the wrong forend blank so the wood is way oversized (semi beavertail square shoe - needed splinter round shoe) but that just gives me the oppurtunity to make a forend very much my own style.

The triggerguard and screw I ordered fit perfectly, and the whole project is underway. I still don't know if i'll checker this stock just yet, because with my limited ability I may just screw up and wrecking this stock would bring me to tears.

I'll try to post some pictures in the next day or two for reference if any other woodworking newb such as myself needs some idea of what's going on.

Thanks for reading.
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Sounds like a cool project, look forward to seeing your pics!
Coming along nicely, you do good work! Makes me want to start working on a project gun! If you don't mind me asking, how much did the forend & buttocks blanks run you?

P.S. I have that exact same throw rug in my living room, ha, ha.
very good looking side by thie should be fun to watch
The stocks werent technically blanks they claimed to be 90% finished or so but they were at least 1/8" to 1/4" oversize externally on the buttstock and in hindsight I wish they hadnt have came inletted so much so because I could get an even tighter fit.

I believe the forearm and buttstock were $39 and $45 respectively if I remember correctly. I've got another 2 or 3 hours in shaping externally since that last pic but honestly 2-3 hours doesn't look like all that much.

My rug is covered in wood shavings now, its gonna take forever to clean this mess up.

So now progress is forend- inletting 100% (still need to finish hardware though}
externally - 0% (havent started yet)

buttstock- inletting 97%
externally- 50% (gotta fit buttplate and finish matching to the reciever and hog out just a little room for the trigger guard, and then finally shape it to my liking)

Im trying to figure in my head a good way of retaining the diamond shape that comes back from the reciever sides but it's gonna take some time. i may even flute the comb a little too (try to anyway - my fingers are crossed)

To checker or not to checker? I don't know if im ballsy enough to let my first checkering project be this yet. I do have a spare 10/22 stock though...
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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