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Stevens Model 820 ?

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I have been looking for a cheap shotgun to have around the house for a little more home defense. I was talking with my mother and she suggested that I take my Grandfather farm gun. It is a Stevens model 820 and the barrel has been cut down to 19". I have several question about it. How old is it? Can I shoot modern ammo with it? It seem to be in very good condition. Where can I find a parts list? How do you break it down? I remember it bring by the front door of the old camper that Grandpa kept at the farm and he told me it was for people he didn't want around. Anything somebody can tell me would be a great help. Do I put this gun back in service or keep it for a keepsake and find another.
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I have a Stevens 820B model and I shoot mine. Picked it up about 30 years ago, used....with the previous owner leaving but about 18 1/2" of barrel on it.

It has no trigger disconnect....meaning, if you simply hold the trigger back, every time you push the slide back into battery, it will shoot the shell. As fast as you can cycle the action, you will fire a round....without ever having to move your trigger finger. Great for folks with poor hand coordination issues. :razz:

Mine sports a bayonet....the result of the gunsmith providing some OJT for me one late evening after we closed the shop. Hey, you gotta learn to sliver solder at some point in time. ;)

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