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So I'm new to the shotgun shell reloading scene.
With the ammo shortage I thought id give it a try.
However its hard to find recipes that match the supplies i have so i was hoping someone could share.
these are the supplies i have (hoping someone can help with a recipe that works for dove/quail steel shot)

Remington Sts Unibody plastic
(i have about 100 win AA, and 100 Fed gold metal but would prefer to use the rem since i have about 2000)

Alliant Steel
Hodgdon Clays
Hodgdon green dot
Hodgdon 700-x

Clay buster 12S3
Federal 12s0
Remington Fig 8

fed 209
Win 209

steel #6
steel #7

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Components are so hard to find right now, so I'm hoping there's something i can cook up with what i have.
Ive spent weeks looking at different books and websites but its hard to piece something together.

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Buy a steel reloading manual. BPI, RSI and Precision Reloading all have their own manuals for steel.

Steel also requires special wads. Lead shot wads like you have listed will result in scrub through bore damage. RSI, BPI, precision reloading all have steel wads that go with their recipes. Alliant probably has the most recipes for steel shot of the powder manufacturers.
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