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Speciality Shotgun Case Needed

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I'm looking for a case, any type of case, that will fit a Mossy 20ga broken down. All I can find are big shotgun cases and I'm looking for a case that is compact enough to easily pack for camping.

I looked into tripod camera cases but they are quite expensive.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
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pelican case?

single rifle case?

Blackhawk AR case?
They make cases for takedown shotguns, but usually doubles or SxS's.

Possibly a case for a SBR or SMG would work; I know Eagle makes them.
I frequently use the bags those quad chairs come in for my long guns. Easily carry one gun inconspicuosly and two can be put in by wrapping one in an old towel. I also have a couple smaller folding quad style chairs that also have small bags and a broken down shotgun fits nicely inside those as well, just wrap the barrel in a towel or something and you are good to go.
They make cases for takedown shotguns, but usually doubles or SxS's.
It's annoying that all of those are for hunting guns... I'm still trying to find a smaller one for my coach gun.
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If you can find one,

Looks like Havlin sales still has them on their website.
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