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Son gets first shotgun

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My 14 year old son got his first shotgun on Sunday after my drill weekend was over.

We went over and picked up a Remington 1100 with a 22 inch barrel and mag extension and a pistol grip full stock. It is comped and has been parkerized.

He has only shot a shotgun once before last weekend when he shot trap with my 12g Savage pump and hit 14 out of 25 the first time out.

The gas system should take a little recoil out and with trap loads and reduced recoil loads this makes the perfect gun for him.

He has really taken to shooting and now has his own Springfield XD 9mm and Ruger 10/22 and Marklll 22/45 and now his shotgun.

He is wanting to take the young hunters safety clinic that he needs to get his hunting license here in Illinois.

Looks like I have a new hunting partner.

I am proud of him.
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Tell him "Congratulations!" I received my first gun at the age of 14...a Mossberg .22LR.
Good job Dad! Sounds like you have a fine son....responsible too. I only wish more fathers would spend quality time with their children. So often the job of parenting is left up to the mother, but it takes a father to teach a boy to be a man.

One Eye Jack
Awesome!! My first shotgun was also an 1100 12ga. and it has been my faithful field companion for almost a decade now. He will love it!!
Congradulations to you and your son! Sounds like you are a great father, and have a son with a good head on his shoulders.
Any chance you can post some pics?
Awesome! Corn-gratulations to both of you. :D

I can hardly wait until my boy/s are wanting to walk fields for pheasant with me. I have already taken them deer hunting, and my youngest scored two deer.

Many happy hunting days!

Oh yeah,...... and pics too please!
Thats pretty cool. I hope my daughter will become my hunting partner when she gets older. Despite being 6 years old she already acts like she is 17 going on 18. My father was a Vietnam vet who decided not to teach me the ways of a wise warrior. He thought I was the kid of person who shouldent have a gun. He wanted to take me hunting as a kid with the request that what we hunt we eat. I wanted to hunt birds only to be able to see what they looked like, you know different colors and all that. So because of that it was a no go!
My dad never bought me a gun :(

But its ok i love him
Any chance you can post some pics?
unwritten rules are unwritten rules

no pics didnt happen :)

tell him congrats 1100 was my first shotgun

my 16 year old used it for trap this year and now has bought his own also. but I will start a differant thread so as to not hijack your thread
First shotgun

Still not sure how to post pictures, that i have only on my pc. Where can I host them for free?
It looks like this one.

We took it to the range today and he shot it with 00buck and slugs, and the recoil was almost nonexistant with the gas system of the 1100.

He had no problem shooting it rapid fire and staying on target. We had some reduced recoil buckshot, and the slugs were standard slugs from Winchester. After shooting it a few rounds, I put in a magnum slug and he had no problem with that either.

But, still I am going to stock up on the reduced recoil slugs and buckshot for shooting competitions, and still looking for a standard vent rib barrel and a standard magazine cap to remove the extended magazine tube, when it is not needed to lighten up the gun and make it not so nose heavy.

All in all, I am happy with his choice and he got a great deal on a great shotgun. He has already asked me if it is really his, and I told him yes, when you get old enough and move out, you can take your guns with you, after you get a gunsafe to keep them in.
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you can host them for free at photobucket.

My Dad gave me my first shotgun at 14 and I wouldn't take a million dollars for it. Even before Dad passed away, I still wouldn't have sold it and it means even more to me now.

It's a (well used) Stevens model 94 16 gauge single shot.
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