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Some pics of my Kel-Tec KSG... and other guns ;)

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I don't have many pics of it, for now it's just mounted in my gun closet. I need to get a couple accessories for it and take it out shooting. Just haven't had a chance yet... but here she is!


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Gah, I'll fix the attachments so they are bigger.
SO jealous of your Gun Room! We need to go shoot that mother soon!!
SO jealous of your Gun Room! We need to go shoot that mother soon!!
I know... and the gun room isn't done. I still have a few guns I want to buy :)
How's that Keltec? I heard they're having
problems with them.
Man I want a room like that..Congrats!
Any problems with moisture?
What are you using to attach the firearms to the walls?
My buddy brought his KSG out to my place; fun but brutal on the body. It's a very wicked piece of hardware. Enjoy it.
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That group of firearms is worth way more than my car! LOL

Very nice.
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Soon to build a very custom home in the boonies and I'll have an arms room/basement range and also a James West roll up hidden case for commonly used weapons, in my bedroom or study. Have plenty to display
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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