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Shotgun question

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I want to purchase a 12 ga shotgun. I am looking at a couple of different guns. Remington 1100, Remington 870 Express pump and a Stoeger pump. The pumps are lighter and about $100-$150 cheaper than the 1100. This gun will be a home defense and I will probably use it some in a 3 gun shooting match. Any of you shotgun owners have an opinion as to which would be the best choice. Pros and cons.
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A pump is pretty trouble free ... I don't own a Semi, so I'll leave it at that.
If you're going to run it for 3-gun, you need to decide if you want to be competitive, or just have fun.

If just fun, then get the pump.

If you want to be competitive, you'll pretty much need a semi-auto.

Or, get both--one for HD and one for competition.
First shotgun? Hard not to say pump. Have no idea what 3-gun is.

I've read some opinions that quality is spotty on expresses lately, (newer made ones).

I've run my express through the paces and haven't had a single issue.

good luck.
Dude, you can't use Stoeger and Remington in the same sentence. Get either a Rem 870 or a Benelli Nova, both pumps, both great.
Pump. Nothing says, "Git out my house" as efficiently as a 12 guage Remington 870.
Have no idea what 3-gun is.
Usually this is a gun game/sport involving 3 guns: AR15, shotgun and pistol.
3 Gun sounds fun. Most bad guys will run when they hear the unmistakable sound of a 12 gauge being racked. I have an 870 Express and it has been a fine pump. The last six years of ducks, geese, turkey, dove, squirrel,etc. have been with a benelli super black eagle. Best shotgun out there, but a little pricey.
Usually this is a gun game/sport involving 3 guns: rifle, shotgun and pistol.
Fixed it for you.

The majority of 3-gunners run an AR or variant, but I've seen AK's, SKS's, PTR91's (Me!), FAL's, lever 30-30's, and even bolt guns compete.
Get a spas12 you can have pump and semi in one.
Usually this is a gun game/sport involving 3 guns: usually an AR15, shotgun and pistol.
Fixed it myself.
Just say NO to Stoeger. Close friends in the business say too many of these go back for warranty.

In this price range, the Remington would be the wise choice.

IMHO, the Benelli M4 is the best "combat" shotgun, next to the AA12 of course. :cool:
Don't leave out a Mossberg 500/590 or the Mossberg 930spx (semi-auto). Both great guns. Remington 870 is also a very good choice. Go to a store and get your hands on them and see which fits you better. You'll know which one you want after that.
All I can say is mossy 500. Relibale, cheap and youll have money left over to customize it however you want.
Cannot go wrong with a Remmy 870. Very versatile.
I'm gonna chime in since I have shot both semi-auto & pump-action shotguns. I'm not gonna tell you which brand to buy or which brand is better. What I am gonna tell you is this. Nothing is scarier than the sound of racking a 12 gauge pump. That aside, a semi-auto shotgun has less "percieved" recoil than a pump-action shotgun. I would suggest you find a way to shoot both & see for yourself what you can handle. I personally have no problem shooting 25 rounds through my pump-action but it sure feels a lot smoother going through my semi-auto. Just trying to give you a little insight.
Put your hands on a few of these, work the actions, safety, etc. I love my 870 Wingmaster (lefty at that) but that is nothing more than personal opinion.
I have a Remington 1100 and it is my main hunting gun. I've hunted everything from squirrel to deer and love it for hunting. For HD, I would say get a pump just for the pure reliability factor. I've only had one issue with my 1100 and it is pretty reliable, but for a shotty that I'd be trusting my life or my family's life to, I'd use a pump.

I agree with whoever said not to overlook the Mossberg 500/590 guns. My first gun ever was a 500 20 Ga. and i liked it alot. My brother also has 2 500s, one is a general field gun and the other is a dedicated slug gun with a scope and synthetic stock. I prefer the Mossbergs for the simple reason that I'm left handed and I like the ambi safety as opposed to the crossbolt safety on the Remington 870s. I've mastered a trick to flicking it off on my 1100, but would prefer something ambi if I had to flick it off in a defensive situation.

I also agree with those who say to get your hands on several different guns and try them out if you can. IMO, its the best way to know what gun works for you.

One note about the sound of racking a pump to scare off a bad guy: While it may intimidate him enough to scare him off, it would also give away your position. By doing this, you are giving up the element of suprise and this could affect the outcome of the situation. I'd prefer the BG know I've a gun only after I've got the drop on him. Clint Smith adressed this once in a video and he said "If you wanna scare the bad guy, wear a Halloween mask, the gun is for shooting and stopping the threat." Just my opinions here, take them for what they're worth.
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I agree with Airforce (see above) with the notion of "racking" a shotgun. That F#*cker will know I have a gun when it goes BOOM.

As for which shotgun, as its already been stated, its almost a matter of personal preference. For HD, I'd stay away from the the Stoeger mostly cause I know nothing of its reliability. Rem 870 of the Moss 500/590 is the direction I's take it. Go to a reputable gun dealer with a large selection of shotguns, and start puttin' 'em up to your shoulder, flick the safety, work the action, and then decide which is for you.

I currently only own one shotgun of my own. It is a Moss 500 "Tactical Turkey". Mossy Oak finish, 6 position adjustable stock, fiber optic rifle sights, and the receiver is drilled and tapped for optics. It came with a XX Full turkey choke, so I had to drop a few bucks for a larger choke to pass slugs. Its primary duty is Turkey, but with the addition of the larger choke, it will now pull double duty as a HD Shotty. For $400, I'm happy with it, although I am now thinking I should have gotten the 835 Ulti-Mag (chambered for 3 1/2 shells)

I do love the 870's though. I was bummed when we switched shotguns in the navy. The 870 just felt a little more "substantial". I share the same feeling with the switch from the M14 to M16's/M4's on ships. I'm not knocking them, but when you heft up the M14, it just feels "meaner".

[/endless rambling]
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I agree with Airforce (see above) with the notion of "racking" a shotgun. That F#*cker will know I have a gun when it goes BOOM.
That and the fact that 9 balls of 00 (approx 30 cal) are about to be simultaneously hurled in his general direction if he fails to take the hint.
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