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I hate to admit that having only 78 summers under my belt, (this will be the 79th), I have only fired one scattergun in my life. That was a 410 double pistol in 1949. We were shooting skeet with it and my score was 100% misses. I was, however, pretty good with the 280mm M65. while I was in the service.

But now to the immediate problem. Some years ago I acquired a Mossberg 500 that some Idiot had defiled by trying to make a homemade tactical of it. It was filthy, in pieces and missing some. His idea of gunsmithing was to bend things until he thought they fit.

Just recently I have become active in firearms again after acquiring a CCP, a nice M1911 and as a companion a 9mm Mauser Luger. I've got a S&W 380 Bodyguard for carry. I am now trying to build the Mossy into the tactical that other idiot thought he was building.

I've done a pretty good job. I bought the missing pieces, cleaned and polished where proper and have learned proper assembly and disassembly proceedures and will refinish when thru BUT!

The shells won't eject. They extract but wont eject. Online research indicated an ejector and extractor screw was needed. Got 'em, no help.

Looking farther I see there are two extractors. The left side seems to have a sharper, or more square 90 degreeundercut than the right, which is cut at an angle of about 45degrees. By left I mean the side to my left as I hold the gun in firing position.

The gun EXTRACTS the shell and with the bolt fully retracted the shell refuses to cam to the right and out the ejection port.

That's a lot of words to ask: should I try reversing the ejector fingers?

I will really appreciate any comments and knowing the gun community as I do I'm sure I will recieve many helpful comments.

Thanks Guys

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