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Shotgun Educational Video

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I have a 10 year old that likes watching the shooting team. I got a 20ga Remington 870 Junior. Like most kids his age, he doesn't listen to parents as well as he should. Basically the problem is he just doesn't seem to hold the shotgun properly.

We shoot rifles prone so I've never really worked much with him in a "standing" stance. When I try to correct how he's holding the gun he starts to get frustrated and I don't tolerate temper tantrums at the range. He wants to hold it in an angled stance with his left foot too far forward. It has such an angle there isn't much shoulder backing it up and I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself. He also arches his back way back to get the gun up to his cheek. It's almost like he's holding a bow and arrow...

He's mildly autistic and very smart so he's used to things coming naturally to him which is why this is so frustrating to him. Normally you tell him once and he gets it, but for this, he just doesn't seem to get it.

So, here come the questions...

So I wondered if anyone has seen or knows of a good beginner video for how to hold, aim, work a shotgun? He picks up stuff from TV/computer way better than getting it from me.

Is it an upper body strength issue, is he just too young?

Am I being overly finicky on getting the correct hold? Should I just let him do it wrong and hope he figures it out on his own?

I am not an expert and my father didn't teach me anything about guns. I'm just picking up on things I hear the coaches give the team and trying to get him started off correctly rather than have him learn poor habits from the beginning. So any advice would be appreciated.
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does he watch you frequently shoot a shotgun?

also, while prone is the most conductive to good accuracy, let him get familiar with other shooting positions. Hell, I'm probably at my worst shooting prone (this could be from waaaaay more shotgun and pistol shooting opposed to rifle shooting though)
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