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Shotgun Drills

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What kind of tactical drills are you doing?

Things like shooting on the move, tactical reloads static and moving, right side/left side transfers, shotgun to pistol transitions.

Anyone doing dry fire drills at home between range practice?
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I have done all that plus I like snap shooting double clays or old records. If you can do that under stress you can take out 2 - 3 men fast
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The US Army Marksmanship Unit recommends that you dry fire 5 times for every round you fire live. Olympic shooters will practice hundreds of gun mounts per day.

I think you know where this is going. Dry fire is the key to your success. Many of the drills I do with my pistol are done with shotguns.

Black Rock
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I really enjoy doing shotgun to pistol transitions. Can't use the place we used to shoot at, so I am probably getting rusty.
Also firing from barricade position can save your keyster. An old metal or plastic barrel can suffice
One of the drills I teach my students is the smooth and safe transition from shotgun to pistol. Too many people forget some of the basics when it comes to this. Just like in most tactical shooting, slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Lefties usually make better transitions than righties. Remember to exagerate your movement when swinging your shotgun to the back to give it lots of room to clear gear and it also positions your hand to properly and firmly grip your pistol and bring to the ready position.
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OSS, I try slinging the shotty on both sides. I like to try different slings and love to watch other people and their styles.
The last time I went I had a few guys laughing, I have a damaged index finger and have gotten into the habit of keeping it along the slide on the pistol and the reciever on the shotgun and engaging the trigger with my middle finger. Funny thing is, I shoot better like this.
all the usual suspects but the thing I'm trying to work on the most is reload speed; how to stuff shells in a pump as fast as possible.

need to buy some CCW shell holders yet also...
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