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Now after looking at the spread chart make a mental note: At 5 yards (15 ft) there is hardly any noticable difference in spread between all chokes. At 10 yards (30 feet) things open up somewhat, but any of the chokes are within the width of a bad guys body width. This is likely the max range for home defense shots. For close shots the more open chokes, cylinder or improved cylinder will allow for bad aiming on your part. The longer ranges where the shot spread is wider than a persons body is more useful for hunting instead of self defense, use a full or modified choke. So the point I am trying to make is inside your house at short distances the choke isn't going to make a whole lot of defference if you aim. Whatever choke you have on the gun you already own is going to work just fine.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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