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Shot Gun Speed Loader?

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Who makes these?
How much?
Does it work on pump?
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These are custom setups for open class in USPSA/IPSC with special feed ramps bolted to the underside of the shotgun. Now this one might be able to be retrofitted to your shotgun fairly easily, although I don't think this is the exact same kit you see in the video. Not sure about pump guns, as I've never heard of anyone putting one on a pump shotty.

ARMSTEC, INC. : SHOTGUN SPEED LOADER - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools
very interesting. that link to brownell's says that they fit 870's and Mossberg 500's so it must work with pump shotguns
Reference: Section 6.7.4(a) + (b) which calls for Speed loaders to have a Primer Relief cut. Does anybody know if the ArmsTech Speed Loader (as seen in the initial post video) incorporates the "relief cut"? What is the spec for the "Relief Cut"?

Tnx in advance for all replies.

If the one for the Mossy is ever back in stock then I have a new experimental toy!
have never seen one of those tube loaders
hmm, wonder if could DIY with PVC
12 gauge = .729 inch, so 3/4" tube would be perfect

easiest design would be a dowel to push, but that would double the length before push

better design would be to cut slot along length of tube to allow a follower with lever, I think that is what Armstec has done, pics not clear

best design would be a spring with just a bit more push than the gun's tube spring, and some sort of release lever at feed end - bring it up to tube, push to release shells from tube to gun
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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